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Personalised Social Media Audit

Personalised Social Media Audit

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Receive a social media audit from me about your TikTok/ Instagram page! I’ll send over my tips about how I personally believe you can improve your page, with helpful ideas for future content!

I will be showing you some crucial things that I have done to account for over 80k followers & make content creation my FULL TIME JOB!

You will:

  • Receive a PDF document that includes tips & advice about your social media page
  • Get an outsider's perspective on your content
  • Receive personalised ideas that suit your style of content
  • Receive your audit within 30 days of payment


Please make sure you read this before purchasing!

You are eligible for this social media audit if you:

  • have an existing TikTok/ Instagram page with less than 30k followers
  • Have more than 5 videos / pieces of content
  • Are in the travel/ budget backpacking niche


  • Each audit includes ONE social media page! So if you have both an Instagram and a TikTok they will need to be submitted separately!!
  • refunds are not possible with this product! If you are unhappy (which I'm sure you won’t be) I’d be more than happy to revisit your audit to solve any issues.
  • Please remember that everything I provide in the audit is my opinion only.
  • Okay.Kara.Travels can not be held accountable for any decisions you make from the opinions in this product.

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