Kara Start Treating Content Creation as a Business!

The biggest mistake creators make is not it seriously!


Everyone should treat their creator journey as a business journey instead.

💰Let’s shift from 💰

“I just create videos for TikTok”  to ➡️ “I’m a self employed content creator”

Get into the business mindset 🤓


Being a content creator means you are a small business owner! My TikTok page is my business - so I need to think of it as one.


I TRULY believe that by placing myself in the business mindset by day 1, I have set myself up for more successful opportunities.


⭐️Take Control of your Finances⭐️

Anyone who is starting a new company will be doing all sorts of financial projections, spreadsheets, audits etc - so why aren’t you?


Being in control of your finances is SO important when you are starting a business! If you’re not careful you could easily be spending far more than you’r making - without having ANY idea!


Step 1:

Get yourself a business bank account.

Keep your personal and business expenses completely SEPARATE. This is the only way you will keep track of everything.

After this you should make sure that EVERY business payment goes through your business card, and EVERY penny you EARN gets paid onto it!


My business account is with MONZO. I have loved it so far and the services it provides has been perfect!

SIGN UP to MONZO here! And get a FREE £5 bonus!💰🎉

Step 2:

Forecast your ingoings/ outgoings

In English: Create a spreadsheet (like the one below) and input what you think your earnings will look like over the next 6-12 months. This is to ensure that you are earning a profit every month and that you are improving your income as time goes on.

There should be a column for each month titled ‘forecast’. This is what your ‘guesses’ are for the months ahead. (The blue columns in the table above)


Income (the top section of the table above)

Input every different income stream you earn from, and put your estimates for each month in it.

So I have ‘Brand Partnerships’ ‘UGC’ ‘Affiliate Links’ etc.. and they all earn a different amount every month. So I’ve estimated this in the top section.


Things to think about:

Are you expecting to earn more as your business grows? Is there a certain brand that you’ll be able to work with in a few months? Is there a certain project you’re working on that you can release next week? Is there a certain time of the year where your sales will be higher?


Add it ALL to the spreadsheet.


Note: My earning prediction won’t always just be going up and up. There are some months that I forecast making less than the one before. For instance: if I am traveling I am able to spend less time working - so I predict that I will make less money.


Expenditures (the bottom section of the table above)

Underneath this you should make sure that you have your ‘forecasted outgoings’ too! This is what you spend every month!

So you should list every single thing that you spend for your business. Do you pay for a Canva subscription? How much do you pay for your Stan store? Domain? Microsoft Office? Add it ALL!


This is going to be pretty similar most months, because things like subscriptions’ usually stay the same. So usually my outgoings TOTAL will look the same every month.


You’ll notice that my name is actually included on the Drawings section. This shows that I actually pay myself a wage each month - as if I am an employee of Okay.Kara.Travels. So basically every month I will transfer a set amount from my business account to my personal account.


Forecast / Actual

You’ll notice that each month has two columns: one labeled ‘forecast’ and the other labeled ‘ actual.

Forecast = your guesses for each month.

Actual = what the month actually looked like.


It’s really important to compare your earnings to the forecast otherwise you could be living in fairy land. You might’ve written this forecast a few months ago, expecting to be earning a million pounds a month by now.. but when you actually check it’s nowhere near that amount. So make sure you keep updating it to realistic forecasts instead!


⭐️Invest into Your Business ⭐️


If your TikTok is a business - it’ll need investment. Investment doesn’t always mean £££- it can be a time or resource investment instead!


You’ll notice that on the spreadsheet I put a ‘MONTH 0’ column. This is the initial investment that I added to my business bank account to get the ball rolling.


I spent this investment on:

  • a social media and digital marketing course in my local college

  • A 1-1 call with an industry expert

  • An e-guide from an industry expert

  • An iPad to edit on

& more!


Remember that if you’d like to invest in your TikTok career I’d be happy to help! Book a 1-1 with me and I can answer any of your questions, and teach you everything I know!




As OkayKaraTravels has continued to grow I have continued to invest in it when I can. In the last month I have bought myself two new cameras, and I plan on buying a new laptop next month too.


But notice how I didn’t do this in ‘Month 0’?!


By doing my forecast at the beginning of March I could plainly see that I wasn’t earning enough to make any more large purchases yet. But I could see that hopefully around August time I would have enough to buy new cameras… and I did!


The forecast meant that I could clearly see what OkayKaraTravels finances was going to look like - and what would make best financial sense!


I knew that I could make do with only my phone and iPad for now - and that having new cameras would be a good financial decision later on in my businesses journey!



⭐️Business Hours⭐️


Every. Single. Business will have set business hours. So why do you think yours should be any different?


This is the section that I am still learning myself… I find it really hard to switch off from work because my work is EVERYWHERE!


My work is in my DMs

My work is in my photos

My work is in my travel

My work is currently everything and everywhere I go!


But I’m working on it (no pun intended).


Im currently doing my best to give myself a full weekend off and only working 9-5 Monday to Friday. We’ll see how it goes 😂


Regardless of my ‘work-aholic’ tendency’s- I know that it’s important to take breaks and reduce my work hours to avoid burnout. And I urge you to structure your working week in a similar way to any business owner!



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